Bank Recommendations

I’ve started the search for a new bank and am looking for recommendations. I’ve previously been with USAA for the last ~20 years, but they have slowly been chipping away at some of their best features for years now, and with their latest software updates, have broken the ability to upload transactions into Tiller.

I was looking at Sofi with their 2.5% APY checking/savings account, but see there may be Tiller sync issues with the Sofi credit cards. Anyone have experience with Sofi they’d like to share?

I also have investment accounts with Schwab and Vanguard, and am also thinking of transferring my banking to Schwab as well, but their checking and savings accounts only offer 0.4% APY by comparison. (still higher than USAA’s .01%)

Anyone have any solid recommendations for banks with solid features, low fees, and work great with Tiller?


I can tell you from experience that Citi, Capital One and Chase all work perfectly with Tiller. They are all about the same in terms of services although Chase is kind of horrible if you actually need to talk to someone. And Capital One is excellent in that regard. Their terms and rates are easily accessible for you to compare.

BECU also works well with Tiller and has good rates and services for a credit union. They have standard rates - nothing near Sofi, of course - but are solid and steady and fairly fee-less.

We use Fidelity for banking primarily because alot of our investments are there so I wanted to consolidate as much as I could there. It has worked well with Tiller although sometimes I have to Refresh my wife’s account for some reason. My account seems to work pretty flawlessly.

Their Customer Service is fantastic in my experience. I typically get a human on the phone fairly immediately. No idea how their checking account rates measure up with others, but I don’t really care about that since I keep cash savings elsewhere and have so much other stuff at Fidelity. A few decimal points in my checking account doesn’t move the needle in grand scheme of things.


I use Navy Federal (assuming if you are USAA now you would qualify) and it works flawlessly.

Having similar problems with NuVison Cr Union i.e. sync issues >> not refreshing AND believe it or not, taking up to 5 DAYS to send a security code before refreshing (that happened today). Considering moving to Bank of America because CrCrd Acct I have with them refreshes easily.

I know peoples’ mileage varies, but as a military family, I watched my parents deal with the nightmare that is Navy Federal and they were also a nightmare to be when I became a federal employee. I’ve been with USAA for 16 years and for the same reasons as you, am leaving. I can’t recommend Ally bank enough, quite honestly. I’ve used them for savings since 2016 and have been slowly switching over everything else, and they are great. The one complaint I have is that check deposits take a few days to fully hit your account. Other than that, they sync perfectly with Tiller and any other service needed; they have live support available 24/7; I reach a real person when I need help in less than a minute; their savings buckets feature is great; etc etc. They’re awesome. I also recommend Fidelity or Wealthfront for investments. I prefer Wealthfront as Fidelity has timed outages that drive me nuts…and I also hate the interface.

@jmar180 I am in the exact same boat as you. And I have been in this position before in the past, feeling the same confused frustration about how to pick a bank that plays nicely with Tiller. So I created a Feature Request asking Tiller to help us find compatible banks.

What did you end up choosing and are you happy with it?

I ended up opening an account with Sofi. 2.5% APY for checking and 3.0% APY for savings is hard to compete with. The online reviews were all positive,. So far it’s working well with Tiller, but I’m just now getting around to getting all my accounts and automatic transfers set up in Sofi and closing them out in USAA along with direct deposits. What a pain it is to track down all the automatic payments set up over the years!

My primary credit card is with AmEx, and I’ll keep my credit card with USAA as a backup. Investments will remain with Schwab and Vanguard, and seems to play seamlessly with Sofi so far as well.

Final opinion is TBD as I haven’t really had the opportunity to kick the tires on the new setup yet, but it seems to be working for me so far.

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I know you already made a decision, but for sake of the community.

I used both Chase and Capital One.

Both use the Open banking initiative and both are screaming fast to update using Tiller.

In contrast, I have a legacy credit union and it takes minutes to update the account, while Chase is done in seconds.

Fidelity Investments and Discover Checking/Savings.

I use a Citi checking account in Tiller plus I have many savings accounts to which I move money out of the checking to save for various things (savings account nicknames like “Car Insurance”, “Travel”, “Life Insurance”). The problem is that Citi does indicate which account money is being moved to (preventing accurate AutoCat rule). Citi and the Tiller imported transaction simply say “Transfer to Money Market”.

Does Chase (@richl) or any other bank give the transfer-to account number or nickname in the transaction description that Tiller imports? Currently it’s a large manual effort to correctly categorize each transfer out (and in).

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I just looked at my past chase account transfers and the description does show the details of to/from

Could I ask you @richl to paste an example in a reply? If it has an actual account number, just change the numbers to mask them. If indeed this works for me, then I’m probably going to switch banks (what a pain)… thanks

Thanks @Richl - Citi shows similar to your screenshot. This is from your main TOTAL CHECKING account; I was expecting to see different account numbers in the “to Checking ######9706” which is the same (9706) as the “from Checking.” There is no way to determine to or from which other account the transfer came from, if you have transfers to/from multiple sub-savings accounts. Do you have multiple savings accounts that you are transferring to/from? Thanks for your indulgence ~

Not for my chase account. Chase is only my checking. I use capital one for my short term savings. But I have never had any issues determining which account the transfer is coming from/to Sorry I couldn’t help

I appreciate the time you took - thanks

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Could Tiller please add Revolut? Revolut Australia is available, could US be added?

I seem to be having difficulties with American Express checking and savings. For some reason, they will not show up in tiller downloads. My cards work fine. Any ideas anyone?

Any update with SoFi? How well has it been working? I am also considering switching for the same reasons you are.