Is There a Way to Join These Two Accounts from the Same Institution?

I have ended up with two different BECU instances - same account.

Screenshot 2022-06-30 7.30.27 AM

Is there any way to join them so that they both get refreshed at the same time?

How did that happen @susandennis? Are they under different logins? Or somehow unrelated account groups at the bank? Could you link the Visa account using the credentials that got you the first three accounts?

Oh @randy, it happened because I’m an idiot.*

They are all under the same login with the same credentials and in the same account at the bank. So that’s kind of my question. HOW do I link them?

*Initially, they were all together. And then I deleted the visa because it was hanging up the process - taking way too long and/or failing and I couldn’t get the results from the other three. And I was too impatient to wait and/or ask how to do it correctly and I don’t use that Visa much. This was months and months ago and the problem eventually resolved. So then I went to add the Visa back in and - ooops - a separate group was created.

Obviously, it’s not critical. It works. It would just be handy to have them polled together.

Hello Susan - folks who may be better able to address this than I am will be back in the office next week, but one question to get the ball rolling. On the Add Account page that you used to add BECU, do you recall which of the three options you used each time? That’s probably not a fair question given it’s been a couple of months but if you do happen to recall, it might help us set up a reproducible test case on this end.

And I’m sorry about it taking so long and hanging! That’s frustrating, and speaking especially as someone who passionately wants our service to be flawless for our customers, AND also as someone who has encountered this exact same issue myself (I am coincidentally also a BECU customer), I really want us to do better about that part of the process as well. I know that’s not the part you asked about, but I wanted to let you know we care deeply about making that part better. It’s not simple (or we’d have already fixed it!) but it IS important.

Hi @tim ! Great question and I’m 99% sure I used the first one of those three options.

I know I would not have used the Business one. And since the other two had the same URL, I’d be way more likely to pick the one with the BECU logo. (Also, I was hoping it would just add on to what was there and what is there, of course carries the red logo.)

If there’s any way I can help with testing, please don’t hesitate to ask. I thought about deleting the Visa one and trying to re-add it, but, since it’s not critical, I thought this time, I’d stop and ask first :slight_smile:

Hi Susan! One quick thought would be for you to:

  1. Go to your Tiller Console (
  2. Scroll to one of your other BECU accounts (not the credit card)
  3. To the right of the BECU name there will be the Refresh button and Connection, click on Connection and select the Edit Credentials
  4. Complete the Edit Credentials flow
    Once done, we suspect that the credit card may show back up again in that list of accounts. If that doesn’t work, we might want to go the support route (connect with our support team) and enter a ticket with our data provider.

Ooh good idea. I haven’t tried that in a while. Nope. It tried. Gave me a temporary code and took a long time to refresh but, in the end, no visa with the others.

Sorry, was hoping that would work. My best guidance at this point would be to start a conversation with our support team who in turn can open an issue with our data provider and see if we can get this resolved.

it’s really not worth bothering them about. i thought if the fix was easy… but, i’ve lived with it this way for a while and it’s fine. thanks!

Sorry we don’t have a quick fix, @susandennis. If you do pull that visa in on the larger institution connection at some point, I’d be happy to help you through some workflow tricks to merge the data sets and delete duplicates.

Happy (early) Fourth!

Thanks so much @randy - it’s fine. Really. I don’t have any dupes and don’t use that Visa so much anyway. I do appreciate the offer, tho.

Happy 4th to you!

I FIXED IT!!! I got to thinking about this and the suggestions that @tom and @randy made and got an idea.

First I made a copy of my entire sheet and then I made a copy of my transaction tab (in case I got the duplicates that Randy mentioned).

Then, on the console, I just clicked Add Accounts. I picked the first one - the one with the BECU logo and filled in my credentials. I expected a whole new BECU section BUT, lo and behold, it simply added the visa to the section that already had my savings/checking account!

I gave it a new name everywhere so I wouldn’t get confused and then went on with the process. It showed up perfectly in my accounts tab. Cleanup was easy because of @yossiea amazing transition tracker.



That’s great news, @susandennis. I’m glad you stayed after it. I still don’t understand quite why the Visa was initially added as a new institution rather than grouping with the existing accounts.

me neither. probably my magical, mystical, financial powers!

“Reparo spreadsheet” :mage: :magic_wand: