Is Tiller Compatible

I’ve tried finding answers regarding whether or not my trying to run Tiller within my desktop environment is a lost cause. Despite using the HELP forum, the information just does not address whether Tiller is fully functional with a non-subscription EXCEL program. I’ve read if my OS is not a subscription, Tiller would still be able function as advertised as long as I sign in using my Microsoft account. I’ve been able to get so far but not far enough to create a budget, edit Categories, and generate a simple report. Bottomline: Am I trying to make Tiller perform within an environment that is simply not compatible? If so, how do I cancel my Trial and remove Tiller and disconnet the financial links I created?

This info might help.

Thank you for your speedy reply. As I suspected, once I linked accounts customizing and/or configuring my spreadsheets was tantamount to beating a dead horse. This now leaves me to find another personal accounting software. Would you know how to cancel my Trial and remove Tiller and its links to my accounts?

Yeah, it’s unfortunate the one-time purchase software isn’t a supported option.
While I’ve primarily used MS Office YYYY software prior to Tiller, I am enjoying Google Sheets.

You should be able to take care of all that from the Tiller Console.