Must I have an Office 365 account to use Tiller?

Hello: I’ve read a bunch of the material here, but haven’t seen the specific answer I’m looking for.

I do not use Google Sheets or MS Office 365. I have a local version of MS office 2019 Pro and I do everything on my local machine–I put nothing in the cloud at all.

Currently, I’m using quicken classic but it’s become less useful over the past few years and Tiller seems to be the way to go. Unfortunately, it looks like I have to let my personal data pass through MS or Google to use Tiller, or at the very least I need to have a MS office 365 subscription, which I am not willing to pay for.

So, basically: Can I use Tiller with my Office 2019 Pro version of Excel?

Thanks in advance for any replies.


I asked the same in this post:

You can use the free web browser version of Excel, though. You just need a free Microsoft account. I’ve played with it some and it seems to work with the Tiller Foundation Template, although I haven’t tried linking a bank account and downloading transactions, yet.

Like you, I also have a copy of MS Office 2019. It simply becomes outdated, like no XLOOKUP in 2019.

I’ve been using Tiller in Google Sheets, since more features are supported there.

Mark S, thank you! I won’t be using Tiller then. It’s not the paying for it that I’m opposed to really, its having to do anything online w/ either Google or MS. I have both an MS account and a Google account, I just don’t trust their security or their integrity, so I do as little as possible with them. I realize I’m fighting a losing battle as the world moves increasingly to a decentralized/cloud based reality, but insofar as I’ve been able, I do everything on my personal machine (not my phone). That’s why I own my own domains and manage my own e-mail accounts; still use Office 2019 Pro on Windows 10 Pro (both heavily de-connected and using 3rd party firewall and malware guards); and will likely continue to use Quicken even though it has really become a clunky dinosaur with fairly crappy tech support.

Still, thank you for the very quick & helpful reply. I may change my thinking in the next year or so, in which case your advice will surely inform my decisions.

Cheers & Happy New Years!


PS: I’ve extended the utility of MS Excel 2019 quite a bit for me with the ‘ASAP Utilities’ add-on (google ‘asap-utilities’ -dot- ‘com’). It’s proven to be a phenomenal help. Otherwise, I’ve just adapted to the new commands & tools and made do. I haven’t found anything I can’t do yet that I need to, so for the time being it works well enough.

I’m fighting the same battle, @yago1, but perhaps not as doggedly.

If it helps, we only support Microsoft Excel installed from Microsoft 365… but you can run the add-in on a local (non-cloud-based) workbook.

Randy, thank you. I’ll take another look in the near future. If everything else works the same, I’ll likely switch. Being able to access my financial institution data and have it correctly parse into the register is crucial. Quicken’s last major update broke something fairly seriously and now getting my data from Pentagon Federal is a chore and half. Of course, it could be PF because their website has become all but unusable for me, but Quicken has its problems too, and they just seem to be getting worse–kind of like my 2002 Dodge Dakota. :slight_smile: Frankly, I think I need to look at a lot more than just swapping out Quicken, and start working with more tech savvy banks too. Ah well. 2024 is another year.

Thank you much for the note. I will take another look.