"January" column of Catogories sheet bars data entry

Hello. I hope you are well and in a good frame of mind today.

Per a Peter Polson video, I’m trying to budget future months based on values from past months, using the Categories sheet.
The “January” column has a drop-down arrow in it

and when I try to enter an amount I get this error notice:

When I click the drop-down menu arrow I get:
If I click the pencil in the drop-down menu I get

I clicked the “Criteria” selector in the above-pictured window and chose “None”, but apparently it did nothing when I clicked “Done”. I was still unable to enter data into the cell.

What’s going on with this?
Should I select “Remove rule” in the Data validation rules window? I’m leery of experimenting with this choice without advice; don’t want to blow up the spreadsheet…

Thank you.

Did you move any columns around or change the header names on them? Needless to say, something has gone awry here. You might want to revert back to a previous version where January 2024 was a column that looked like February does for your now. Even if you get rid of that data validation, I worry that something has been changed that will mess up the ways in which the budgets follow the previous month as you’re trying to do.

Thank you.
We haven’t moved any sheets. I am sure we haven’t changed any header names either.
This is mysterious…

Hmm. Well, what happens if you remove the data validation rule for column E? Not sure how it got there, but getting rid of it might just fix this for you. Just click on “Remove rule” at the bottom of that data validation window.

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I had to remove the rule via the data validation rules dialogue.
There were three rules that had to be deleted. Once I deleted them, the “January” column acted like the other month columns.
Thank you!

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