Labs add-in for excel not available in Microsoft apps?

I cannot for the life of me find the Tiller Labs add-in for Microsoft excel. I have the Money Feed installed and working, but searching for Tiller or Tiller Labs finds no results for their needed add-in. I’m using a Mac but have been told others have access using the same platform. I’m an excel guy and prefer this over google sheets. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!


Go to the Tiller Console, click create a spreadsheet, then select Microsoft Excel. The add-on you are looking for does not exist.


Hey @jammurray13!

I’m sorry to say that we do not have a Tiller Labs add-on for Excel. The Google APIs and ecosystem have been more friendly to sketching out the concepts and features we prototyped with the Tiller Money Labs add-on.

Our development team is keeping an eye on the Excel add-in environment. We hope some day to port some of the features in the Tiller Money Labs add-on to Excel.


Any work around at this point? Anyone successfully integrate use of google sheets and your excel files so you can use the Tiller Labs solutions, essentially importing them into your updated excel file after running them each time? Any help with this idea appreciated.


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Unfortunately, the available formulas between Excel and Sheets are different enough I’m skeptical there is a robust solution for migrating sheets between the platforms. I used to be an Excel user but, in my current estimation, the capabilities of Sheets are much stronger.

You might have success finding open/published Excel templates on the web and adapting them to use Tiller’s core data sheets (i.e. Transactions and Balance History).

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That makes sense now. Thank you! I imported my excel files to google sheets and now have access to the Tiller Labs add-on there. Seems Excel is much more limited and would require personal creation of the many options available thru Labs.