Tiller for Microsoft Excel updates

Just wanted to share a quick update that we’ve pushed a major update to the Tiller Money Feeds add-in for Microsoft Excel.

The primary goal of this release was to upgrade the API used by the add-in to fill transactions and balances for faster and more robust sheet fills.

The release also enables AutoCat (beta) features and Investment Holdings (beta) features for Microsoft Excel workbooks powered by Tiller.

If you’re interested in offering feedback and getting access to AutoCat (beta) and/or Investment Holdings (beta) features for Microsoft Excel complete the waitlist form here.

This was a major update to the Excel add-in so if you have issues filling your workbook after this update or notice other odd behavior, feel free to reply here and let me know.

[Edit:] This push did also deprecate the fill of the “index” number in the Balance History sheet in favor of the Account ID as a unique identifier for Excel workbooks. Our default template has been leveraging the Account ID for displaying Balances since August 2019. Some customers may be affected by this change that were using older versions of our template prior to the August 2019 change or that created their own templates and leveraged the Index column as a unique identifier.

Wonderful news Heather.
I just signed up for Beta testing.

When trying to sign in inside excel, I get this error message saying that this browser may not be secure or the app. I am using chrome

Am I doing something wrong?


Really cool! what is the plan to release the investment holding’s feature for google sheets?

@jorgeelizondom, this is a known issue with the browsers. Not a Tiller add-in issue. You need to link a Microsoft account to your primary Tiller identity.

@hgodwin5 - we don’t have a timeline right now, we’re just slowly increasing the size of the beta group for Google Sheets based on waitlist signups :slight_smile:

Just to confirm this is only available to office 365 subscriptions and not to standalone version?

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Hi Heather,

I previously tried Tiller Money last year and much preferred I over YNAB and Dave Ramsey’s Every Dollar. However, Tiller had serious issues with consistently connecting to my primary banking institution, Georgia’s Own Credit Union. Is there any chance that the connectivity issue has been resolved? I would love to come back to Tiller.


I hope you can help me to get in touch with someone regarding my account. Back in November, the sheets stopped connecting to my Chase Bank account. It continues to say Technical issue. It worked fine for months but now nothing, which makes Tiller useless to me.

Can you help?

Outstanding news! I will beta anything Excel. I much rather use that than Sheets

@valeriesking and @johnggraham

I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at https://sheets.tillerhq.com/auth/login about the account connectivity issues.

I also signed up for Beta Excel waitlist. Do we have to wait to be called upon to get the new add-in? The news announcement suggests that the new add in is available, but when I go to download a new Excel sheet, I don’t see the new features. Thanks,

Hi @brettlapierre,

The add-in is the same, nothing new to install there. The access to the beta features is available when you have the correct instructions for how to use them :slight_smile:

I’ll be reaching out with next steps for those who joined the waitlist soon.

Hey heather, is the position history functionality available for Google Sheets? I would love to try it - it’s the one thing I really miss from Quicken, so any info you can point me to in how to track this with Tiller would be great. Have a lot of manual spreadsheets I update now!


Hi Heather,
Will the Excel version of Tiller work the same as Google Sheets in regards to process, features, reports, etc. If so when do you anticipate it will be ready for users? I love how Tiller works now but I feel much more comfortable in Excel.
Rock Morris


As interested as my geeky-data-munger self (with open-source-sensibilities) may be… I’m going to have to let my get-out-of-bookkeeping-backlog sensibilities take preference.

But… once I’m over my personal hump of onboarding, I’d love to be a consultant (i.e. beta user or reviewer) of future enhancements, so put me on the list of “geeky, nerdy data-friendly friendlies”.


I’ve used the original Excel template and for some reason it’s really slow, so not sure if it’s the sheet I have or that’s what it is. But I’m hoping the new Excel template would be faster, and then allow use of VBA customization and easier usage using mobile apps. I’m also wondering if there’s a way to sync Google and MS, since I tried a few sheets and it’s almost all similar.

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Saw the blog post announcement for the Excel foundation template. Great news. Will there be a how to guide if you want to switch from Google sheets to Excel? Or is it just easier to start over?

Obviously, it might be challenging to port any personal customizations you’ve made in Google.

The way I did it was create a new sheet in Excel and pasted data from Google, and then fixed the columns and then pasted that into Transactions/Categories/Balance History, etc. What you won’t get are the solution templates, but at least your data carries over without any major issues.

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Thanks @YouBet96, your reply here prompted me to look for the announcement that should have posted to the News & Announcements category about this template :woman_facepalming: I had set it to close after 4 hours instead of publish to News & Announcements. @yossiea’s recommendation is good for transitioning your data from Google Sheets to the Excel Foundation Template

Ha. I was wondering since I didn’t see it anywhere. No worries.

I had this problem and was advised to log in with my Microsoft account rather than Google account.