Tiller Money Labs

I am new and trying out Tiller with Excel to see if it can replace Quicken. It appears in Excel add-ins that the only add in I find is Tiller Money Feeds. There is reference made in the video I am watching to Tiller Money Labs which has some features which would be critical for switching permanently into Tiller, namely split transactions and net worth features. I thought there were a range of add ins for this program. Am I missing something here? Thanks.

I did find a net worth item but it appears to be a .93 beta as of May 2023 and is awkward at best to get this to work in the Tiller spreadsheet. The instructions are not clear as to what tab it should be linked to. I find this environment not as polished as I hoped it would be. Still unclear how to do split transactions and all I can find in the community is that it was not available several years ago.

The Tiller Money Labs add-on was renamed to the Tiller Community Solutions add-on.

At this time, community-built and supported solutions featured in the Tiller Community Solutions add-on for Google Sheets are not compatible with Microsoft Excel.

You can review community-built Show & Tell solutions for Microsoft Excel here. The Tiller Money Feeds add-in is the only one we have for Excel.

I know the steps are clunky, it’s an Excel obstacle right now and we hope to have a better way to plug in Community Solutions to an Excel workbook.

You can have up to five Tiller spreadsheets, with any mix of Google/Excel that works for you. If you’d like to have a gSheet to explore more Community Solutions you can create another spreadsheet at the Tiller Console. We built Tiller in Google Sheets initially so that platform has more mileage. Our team has prioritized bringing the Excel version to product parity as we make improvements and grow.

To access Community-built templates for Google Sheets, you’ll need to install the Tiller Community Solutions add-on.

The Tiller Community Solutions add-on doesn’t come pre-installed in the Foundation Template. It’s an entirely separate add-on than the Tiller Money Feeds add-on that powers the feeds to your spreadsheet.

Here are the steps.