Limits on Number of Tiller Sheets

Why is there a limit on Tiller sheets connections set to 5? I had to forego testing out some of the Spreadsheet Challenge examples because I already had 4-5 sheets setup. I have since deleted the sheets I can do without; however, still curious why there is a limit.


Any response on this, Tiller Team?

Hi @Nakeva,

Sorry for the delay. To be honest, it’s somewhat arbitrary. The problem is we don’t have a way to easily increase the number right now, but it’s something we’re considering for the future. Thanks for the question.

Thanks for letting me/us know.I can see how not having too many sheets is a productivity plus. At the same time, having a choice to use different sheets and keep data sets focused or small vs. having one main sheet with 15 tabs causing lag in update…choice is nice.

From a consumer perspective, paying for a service that gives more control of your view of finances, limitations aren’t “expected” for the price. From a business perspective, SaaS, you could possibly tier the pricing on this option once Tiller gets more wind under its name and can handle the scalability and customer support. Of course, all my opinion, shared for ideas and community thinking.