Line-item CSV Importer Issue: "importer does not recognize the uploaded file"

Newbie CSV importer here.

First attempt at using importer for Amazon. After selecting Upload CSV, system responds : “The importer does not recognize the uploaded file. Check that you are uploading a supported file type:”

The CSV in question is one I requested and downloaded from Amazon. It appears to be a legitimate CSV file which displays properly and has file type .csv…

Kindly advise.

:wave: @lennyh !

Make sure you’re using the CSV download from this page. I don’t think the importer works well with the requested one anymore after they re-introduced the on demand reporting via the URL below.

That is the download link that I had used.

Did you look into the file to ensure there is data? That’s the error message I get when the CSV I’m importing actually turns out to be empty.

The file looks good. Very much as I would have expected

The CSV file headers are as follows:
Order Date
Order ID
Payment Instrument Type
Purchase Order Number
Ordering Customer Email
Shipment Date
Shipping Address Name
Shipping Address Street 1
Shipping Address Street 2
Shipping Address City
Shipping Address State
Shipping Address Zip
Order Status
Carrier Name & Tracking Number
Shipping Charge
Tax Before Promotions
Total Promotions
Tax Charged
Total Charged
Buyer Name
Group Name

I believe the issue is that your are downloading the “Orders and shipments” report instead of the “Items” report.

Let me know if the workflow works for you with the “Items” report.

Randy, thanks for your response. Yes, that was the problem. My bad. Import operation now appears all good. Delighted with my introduction to this important facility.


Glad to hear you got it working, @lennyh.
Good luck.