Linking VS Importing new workbook into Tiller Foundation Template

What is the difference between linking vs importing a new workbook into the Tiller foundation Template?
Can’t you just link the new workbook to the tiller foundation workbook?
It seems like a lot of tabs in the foundation workbook and then add a dozen more?

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Can you clarify what you mean here?

There are discussions about linking and importing workbooks into the foundation template. Which, of course, are both possible. And, the basic pros/cons of linking and importing are present.

However, I am wondering if there are pros and cons specifically for your workbooks. One con I’ve already realized is that importing a workbook into the foundation template would create even more tabs in the foundation. And that seems erroneous.

Does that help?

Workbook Links sounds like Excel lingo :thinking:

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Maybe. But there is a technical difference between linking workbooks and importing a workbook into another workbook.

We have Tiller lingo around “linking”. You can link a workbook to Tiller Money Feeds and link an account to that workbook to feed in data.

If you add more templates (tabs) to your workbook without using the Tiller Money Feeds add-in, there is a “workbook links” step in Excel.

In Tiller lingo, import is usually just used around importing data in via CSV files.

It’s ok if there are a bunch of tabs in the Foundation Template after adding another workbook to it, as long as our core data tabs and other data references aren’t duplicated/renamed (Accounts, Balances, Transactions, Categories, Balance History.)