Make a Backup of your Tiller Sheet - Trust Me!

All, happy belated New Years.

I just want to remind everyone that now is a great time to make a archive of your Tiller Sheets. I normally make an archive of my file every year, but this year I was a bit late. Dang it.

A few days ago my Google Account ran out of space. In the process of cleaning up the old junk, I actually deleted my highly customized Tiller file and then stupidly cleared the trash. No!!!

Thankfully, Google was able to recover it for me after a few days, but not after several days of terror, embarrassment, feeling financially lost, and self-directed anger. Don;t be a me, just back up the file.

Its Easy.

Just go to File - Make a Copy -

Then Name it something meaningful.

That’s it. Do it now.

Happy New Year.



OMG that is a nightmare. I am so impressed you got it back. Love to stay and chat but I need to go make another backup RIGHT NOW (and check my google drive space) thank you

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Good idea, just did that. The thought of losing all the custom work I’ve done is too scarry!

Glad you were able to recover it, @richl. What a relief!