Manual Accounts and Different Currencies in Net Worth Tracker (Excel)

Thanks @pjsiirila !!!

That did it for me. Great discovery!

So now that I am up and running, I have a couple of Questions for @randy:

  1. Can I Safely add balance entries for manual (not linked) accounts just by manually adding the balance to the balance history tab?

  2. I have automatic accounts in different currencies. Is there a relatively easy way that I can modify some formulas to make reference to a cell with the current exchange rate (inputed by me) so that the balances in the balance tab and net worth graph show everything in dollars at the current exchange rate inputed in that cell?

Thank you very much for your help

Answering your questions, @jorgeelizondom:

  1. You can definitely add manual rows to the Balance History worksheet. Just make sure to fill all the columns with the proper unique ids (e.g. Account Id) so the data is consolidated properly. (You might create a unique id in the Balance Id column like this “manual:7fe327e1-4cfa-43e4-96a8-a069ea6612fcBalance” but that is far less important that populating the Account Id column).
  2. Are you saying that Feeds is populating linked accounts with different currencies into the Balance column? The formulas in the Net Worth template work off the Balance column, so, if this is the case, you’d want to insert a new manually-filled column (called “Balance in Euros” or whatever), manually move relevant Balances to that column and then find the best way— a formula? :man_shrugging: — to map data from “Balances in Euros” to “Balances” (essentially in USD) where the data will be aggregated.

Thankyou @randy
Both answers very helpfull