Manual accounts disappearing

I am having trouble with manual accounts. From time to time they simply disappear. I will usually notice this by not finding them in the drop down when I want to update the balance or not seeing them on the balances tab. They are listed on the accounts tab, but with the red mark in the corner of the cell indicating “input must fall within specified range” - meaning while the account had been there, it isn’t any longer (and doesn’t show in the drop down list any more). I have fixed a few by re-adding them - but that seems to just cause more random manual accounts to disappear immediately. Any thoughts on why this happening or how to prevent it?


Just a thought, could there exist a transaction in the Transaction table that is for this account? I realize this is a manual account, however, if a transaction existed it might account for the error message and issue.


Thanks @Clint.C , appreciate you sharing your thoughts. I checked a few of the recently deleted accounts and am not finding any transaction for them.

Hmm. So when you create and update balances for manual accounts, they add a row to the Balance History sheet where the Account ID value is preceded with “manual:” and then a long string. Do you see any Account IDs with “manual:”? If you’ve done any manual deletes or anything in Balance History that might have removed them?

Another place to look is in the hidden columns of the Accounts sheet. Unhide those columns and look for your manual accounts in Unique Account Identifier (column F) or Account IDs (column G) where the id is preceded with “manual:”

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Thank you @brettanicus ! I think that is it - when I unhide the columns on the Accounts tab, there are blank rows above the last/bottom row which shows the most recent re-added account. I think I probably deleted rows in an attempt to fix the missing accounts without realizing there are hidden columns that would also be impacted. I will get them all back in there and see if they stick.

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