Manual transaction on google sheet

If I wanted to enter a manual transaction purely as a placeholder for a phantom expense, how do I do that? The use case is that I get to charge $1,000 monthly onto a CC that I don’t have to pay the bill for. I want to see that $1,000 in my monthly expenses so I have a more accurate picture of my total expenses per month in the event I can’t charge to this Credit Card. How would I do that? I tried looking at the Manual Transaction extension but that requires me to select an account that the money comes from. In my use case, there is no real cash impact to the expense. I purely want to see it on my monthly report as if the expense was real. Should I just setup an account that doesn’t really exist and make the entry tied to that account? Better yet, can I just right click and insert a row on the transactions tab? I wasn’t sure it that would break anything. TY

You can do either or both. Creating dummy accounts can sometimes help (eg. I have a dummy account for my employer, so my paycheck and paycheck deductions all use that account.) You can also manually add a row and then insert the info you need into it. I’d caution you not to add your new row to the top of the sheet (just below the header), as that can sometimes have strange effects on formulas that use that row as the beginning of a range. Usually safer to insert inside of the range instead of at the top or bottom. You could always re-sort when you’re done adding your new row and data.

Thank you.

If I wanted to use the Manual Transaction Extension, are you saying to create an expense account, enter the details of the transaction and go that route?

Perhaps just inserting rows is the easiest way?

Either way works. If you use the extension, you’ll need to create the account first, but then you don’t have to worry about which row to put it in (I believe the extension puts it at the bottom and then re-sorts). If you do everything manually, you don’t even need to create an account, you can just add what you’d like as an account name in that column.

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TY. Makes sense. I think I will go with the row insertion idea option. I appreciate the help.