Manual transactions for June won't populate the June column of my pivot table

This is related to the Bank Feed problem that many of us are experiencing. Since June 5 I’ve had to manually enter transactions in order to keep using the budgeting tools. So I get to the midpoint in the year and decided to try a pivot table to analyze our spending so far.
Was doing fairly well until I noticed that the manual transactions for June weren’t populating the June column in the table. Instead they popped up in Column B. The few transactions from early June that came in when my bank feed was working landed in the June column.
Is there any way to merge the manual totals in column B with June money feeds in column H?

I believe you may not have filled out enough columns within your data to make this happen.

The month parses the date data from my column B, but this could be different along with week to make it to where you can view data by the month or week. My month and week columns are K & L respectively. During the feeds process it automatically fills the month and week column out, but for manual transactions, you’ll need to do this part manually as well.

I would assume your date column is B based on the remarks about that’s what it is pulling in.

After further usage of the same workflow as you have described i have discovered something similar that may be related to the same issue.

My previous response was to copy and paste information such as from a massaged csv or a single row entry of data rather than using the manual transaction workflow in the sidebar. So disregard that if you use the manual transaction workflow in the sidebar.

My issue is that a manual transaction row doesnt work correctly with an array formula i have in a later column to lookup the type from the categories sheet.

It’s almost as if the data may not be formatted the same or something coming from the manual transaction tool may be corrupt on that row or something.

@randy would you be able to chime in on this for these two manual transaction issues?

I figured out my issue, I had an error in my array formula that was throwing the results a row off.

I have used pivot tables successfully with my manual transaction, so I’m not sure what else may be going on besides just not having enough data entered possibly.