Matching Credit Card Expense to Date Paid

I have an issue with respect to transaction date versus date paid for business taxes. My payments are on autopay but if I itemize expenses based on the transaction date then the amounts will not match what was paid in the tax year because transactions in November and December aren’t paid till January or February.

Is there a way to identify which expenses correspond to a specific payment? I would like to have a column for payment id so all the expenses with the same id sum to the payment from the bank account. Is there a field that captures this or does anyone have a solution for this?


If I understand what you’re saying, I think the “Statements” template might be useful for you.

Is there a Statements template for Excel? When I go to the Community Solutions there is a Bank Statement Reconciliation Sheet for Google but I don’t see one for Excel.

I just started using this feature in Excel. Is it not fully supported yet? I prefer Excel because I want to use it with an Access DB and the 2 mesh better.

Ahh, sorry, didn’t notice this was in Excel. There isn’t an Excel version of the Statements template. The Google Sheets version of Tiller has been around longer, so it has more features and more templates designed for it.

It’s a little bit of work, but I rebuilt the Bank Statement Reconciliation sheet for Excel. It’s not as pretty or fully featured as the original (I just implemented the features I needed), but it only took maybe an hour to do. I can share it with you, if you want. No warranty or guarantees, though. :slight_smile:

You should share it in the Show & Tell section!