Monthly Analysis for Excel

Just recently began switching over from Sheets to Excel and I am looking for a Monthly Analysis version for Excel. Is there one currently? Planned? Thanks, Paul.

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Do you mean an Excel version of this template, @texparamedic? Unfortunately, I don’t believe that is available at this time… but several community members have been doing incredible work at porting and improving Sheets templates for Excel.

Thanks for the response. Yup. I use that sheet more than any other save the transactions sheet. Figures. Appreciate your time. Paul

I’m glad to hear you like the Sheets version. That was @heather’s idea and I remember developing it together. I’m sorry it isn’t available on Excel.

When will it be available since now that Microsoft is pulling the plug to money in excel and having everyone use tiller for these features, shouldn’t the excel Microsoft 365 user base have access to these features?

Our team built out many features in Google Sheets long before our Excel solution was even in beta. The Feeds functionality in Excel is robust now and we are incrementally migrating some of the workflow and template solutions. I wish we could do it faster.

Regarding the Monthly Analysis solution specifically, that is not currently a “product” template, it is a community solution… and the truth is that migrating that is not prioritized at this time… so I can’t offer an imminent date. That said, there are many builders in the community and I can imagine someone taking on a clone or even a better version.