Monthly analysis sheet - MS Excel requesting feedback on a formula

I didn’t see anything that seemed to reference this type of item so I am going to ask. If I missed it, will you please point me in the right direction. When I opened my Excel workbook a few minutes ago and went to the Monthly Analysis sheet there was a message at the top of the sheet from MS requesting feedback about a formula. I have attached a screen shot of the message

Any thoughts on this? Should I do anything with it or just ignore it?

I am afraid I don’t know Excel as well as I thought.

Thanks, Art

Wow, haven’t seen that before, interesting! I’d be inclined to share it, mostly to see if they had any feedback. Maybe they suggest a different, better way of doing the same, or maybe they change the backend to make that formula work better, or maybe they develop a new function to make getting the same result easier? I’m probably being to optimistic, but they must be asking for a reason…

Thanks for the quick response. I have shared it with Microsoft. I have no clue who and how long it will take them to look at it. If I hear anything back I will let you know.


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That’s wild! Have not seen that, @ra4gto.
Perhaps the AI they are training has some questions for the formula designer…? :robot:

I will be curious to see what happens. I did suggest that if they wanted to get into any detail that they should Contact Tiller directly.

Ok. Thanks. I’ll let you know if they contact us.

I have the same flag which started after a recent MS Office update. I have kept clearing it for fear of messing up my spreadsheet. I have a number of Tiller based add-ins but have not added anything in a while. I am unable to paste a pic but will keep trying. I may also duplicate my spreadsheet and test letting Excel optimize to see what happens. May need a Tiller paste *.jpg course/

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You need to save the pic to your computer first, then you can use the ‘Upload’ button when you are composing a message to upload the file and insert the link to it. Here’s an article that gives more details: Understanding Uploads, Images, and Attachments - documentation / admins - Discourse Meta

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