Monthly Budget seems to be using Date Added instead of Date

Hi All,

Just got started about a week ago…I’m looking at my monthly budget figures and was wondering how I could have spent so much on “kids sports” in September but then noticed it’s adding everything in that category for the last 3 months even though in H2 I have September selected. Any thoughts?

This can be due to having more “Types” in the data validation rule for the Type column on the Categories sheet. Do you have any “types” other than Income, Expense, and Transfer?

No. I just have the standard 3 types. I have changed a couple groups to transfer IN and transfer OUT so I have a better understanding on the credit card transactions.

This is surprising, @Beau1k. The formulas in the Monthly Budget are pretty-well battle-hardened. As @morgan notes, the most likely cause is an atypical category hierarchy that results in double-counting. Is it possible you have duplicated category or group names (e.g. for Income and also Expense)?

Our customer success team supports the Monthly Budget sheet, so you could reach out to them via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at if you have not resolved the issue.

For sure there’s only the 3…
Here’s a pic:

Those categories look good. Have you tried restoring the Monthly Budget? Is it possible it was damaged?

Jeeze I dunno how they could be damaged the sheet is in the cloud but I’m open to trying restoration…how do I do that exactly? I don’t see that in any of the GS menus :confused: Could it have anything to do with the .csv import - had to do that to get my apple card info in.

Here’s a guide with the steps on restoring. If that doesn’t help, feel free to reach out to our support team via the link > chat icon steps Randy sent. We’ll do our best to get to the bottom of it.

I’m a little weary of performing a restoration, seems this has caused issues with others…I don’t want to ruin all my work so far…I’m going to get on with chat and see what they have to say…I haven’t messed with any formulas at all.

Since the Monthly Budget sheet is a visualization sheet only (not meant to be edited) restoring it will just fix any broken formulas on that template specifically. It won’t make any changes to the work you’ve done in your other sheets!