NelNet student loan servicing conversion to Sloan Servicing

Hey everyone - My student loan was processed by NelNet until this month. NelNet connected smoothly to Tiller and there was no problem. NelNet has become Sloan Servicing, which uses the same credentials as NelNet, but a new site. That site is not available for connection. Has anyone found this to be an issue and found a solution?


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I’m just surprised your nelnet has connected fine, my wife’s account hasnt synced for us in over 2 months and has been on the institution outage list. I dont think hers is transferring to sloan but I’ll look into it and see.

Hi, if your Nelnet loans start with a D then they were transferred to Sloan Servicing. I received a letter from Sloan asking me to call 833-597-5626 which I did today and got through to a representative who looked at my account and saw all the notes that were sent regarding Borrower Defense. The letter doesn’t show an email address but you can try calling them. Good luck!

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Thank you! I will try giving them a call. It’s very confusing because if you go to their website, it’s says at the bottom they are still a part of Nelnet.

Yes, they said they are the umbrella of Nelnet. I had received a letter from Nelnet stating that Sloan would be taking over my loans and then Sloan kept calling me. Still, I ignored them because I forgot what Nelnet said until I received a letter from Sloan saying that if I did not handle this in 30 days, my loans would default. I got approved from Borrower Defense 2 years ago but the discharge has not occurred yet. I was told it would be in deferment while it is processing but when I called Borrower Defense they said I opted out of deferment. I know, it’s all very confusing.

Once the Nelnet outage is resolved you can reach out to our support team if this connection is still an issue and we can look on our end at the URLs and site list to see if any troubleshooting is necessary here.