New Categories column for 2023

I’ve set up my new columns on the categories tab for 2023 and for some reason the Jan 2023 column has all $0’s and the rest of the columns have dollar amounts in them. I had utilized the formula that Heather had referenced in the 2023 kickoff video that feeds in the data from last year.

Are you using the Budget Plan sheet to feed budget into your Categories sheet? If so, be sure that in the formula:
=IF(ISBLANK($A2),"",IFERROR(SUMIF('Budget Plan'!$E$4:$E$200,$A2,OFFSET('Budget Plan'!$L$4:$L$200,0,MATCH(DATEVALUE(E$1),'Budget Plan'!$M$3:$X$3,0))),0))
You paste this into your first category for your Jan 2023 column, and then update the formula so the DATEVALUE(E$1) reflects which column your Jan 2023 is in. For example, if your Jan 2023 is in column G, then update the formula to:
=IF(ISBLANK($A2),"",IFERROR(SUMIF('Budget Plan'!$E$4:$E$200,$A2,OFFSET('Budget Plan'!$L$4:$L$200,0,MATCH(DATEVALUE(G$1),'Budget Plan'!$M$3:$X$3,0))),0))

That was incredibly helpful, thank you! And just so I understand it correctly, the amounts that it plugs into the budget for each item in that month is the amount that I spent on that item for that month of the previous year?

What Budget Plan fills into the Categories sheet is based on how you setup each budget item. If you choose one of the ‘Past’ frequencies, then it would be as you describe, and fill in amounts based on spending from last year. There are many other options though, so you don’t have to base your budget numbers on past spending.