Preparing for 2023

As we transition to 2023 it would be super helpful for a list of worksheets which are codependent and would need to be updated to manage projecting, tracking and analyzing 2023 expenses.

In 2022 there have been a number of great solutions added to the tiller community worksheets and I’m afraid lots of things can blow up without some preparation.

Is anyone else preparing for the new year? thanks so much in advance!

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I was thinking about the same thing earlier but figured it may be too soon.

I’m afraid I’m not able to answer the question for all sheets but for the basic sheets I would imagine we just need to add rows to the categories sheet to extend the budget out further.

I know @heather shared the following last year, It has a lot of solid information, and I would imagine most of this should still be the same

2021 Budget prep for upcoming year

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From a tiller sheet perspective, All I do every year is add new columns to the Categories sheet and make sure the monthly budget amounts are set.

However, I also go through my Categories and hide any that I don’t use any more.

But overall it is as simple as adding new columns.

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Adding columns was my strategy for 2022 and served me well… BUT…

…the new Budget Plan worksheet is AMAZING and will be part of my budgeting for 2023. I guess I was wondering how people are incorporating that sheet into their workflow.

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Sorry I had thought your question was more basic. I haven’t implemented the budget plan sheet into my official budget workflow, but I want to. Maybe this post will make me finally do it.

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I have that sheet added to my workbook but have not had a chance to set it up and/or use it to its potential yet so i cannot speak to the transition for it.

I’m now using the Budget Plan to feed my Categories sheet for the new year. I also just hide categories I’m no longer using. I was using a custom version of Budget Builder but Budget Plan gives me great analytical tools. Thanks @jpfieber!


We have a great help article on this. There is last year’s webinar at the bottom. How do I get my budget ready for the new year? | Tiller Help Center

We’ll likely do another new year webinar in Dec and demo some other tools that might be helpful for budget planning.