Preparing for 2024 - Add to 2023 Template when using Budget Plan Community Add On?

Hi all. I have used Tiller for one full year and will have a full 12 months of 2023 data to set new the new budget for 2024. Love the product and really love the Budget Plan template.

I just watched a video done last year this time on creating a new budget year from history. Specifically, how to use the Budget Plan template and historical data to complete the new year budget. This was done in the video by starting with a New Budget Plan template and changing the January date to reference the new year you wish to budget for.

What do you do if you already have an active 2023 Budget Plan in the template for the current year? Do you need to add another new Budget Plan template for 2024 to start planning and leave the existing active one for 2023? Or do you all create a new Google Sheets file for each new year? Just looking for best practice. The video i watched did not mention what to do with the current year Budget Plan template (which is still active through year end).

Thanks for your advice!

Best, Dennis

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Assuming you still want your 2023 budget plan available for the rest of the year, it’s best to copy your Budget Plan sheet, rename it to something like “Budget Plan 2024” and change the year to 2024. You can then modify the budget items as you’d like for next year. On January 1st, you can change the formulas in your Categories sheet to point to “Budget Plan 2024” instead of “Budget Plan”, and the new budget will be active. You can then either delete the old “Budget Plan” sheet if you don’t need it, or if you want to keep it around for reference, you might want to select all the cells and ‘copy’, then select all the cells and ‘paste as values’, which will overwrite all the process intensive formulas with the results of the formulas (which won’t update anymore).

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Great feedback, thank you!

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I personally start a new sheet each year since my income/budget amounts will change.

We do have a guide here if you want to stick to the same sheet.

A couple of months ago I set up a new 2024 Budget Plan sheet in preparation for the new year. Now that we are here, could you please dumb down how to "change the formulas in your Categories sheet to point to “Budget Plan 2024” instead of “Budget Plan”

In the first cell under your January heading on the Categories sheet, change both occurrences of ‘Budget Plan’ to ‘Budget Plan 2024’. Press Enter. Click back onto the same cell. Click on the Dot on the lower right corner of the cell outline (referred to as the ‘Fill handle’) and drag it down across all of your category rows, then let go. Then click on the fill handle again and drag to the right until you’ve filled across all the columns.

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That worked perfectly, thank you so much! If I ever figure out this spreadsheet thing, just imagine how dangerous I could be! lol