2024 monthly budget is not updating

so I have added Jan 2024 - December 2024 columns (Q-AB) in the categories sheet with amounts . However, i don’t see the budgets number being populated in my monthly sheet for Jan 2024 budget. How do i make the formula work to update budget numbers in the monthly sheet. thank you

Make sure that 2024 is an option in the green dropdown and if not you’ll need to add it to the data validation and then it should populate with 2024 data

Right click the green year cell and hit more options and select data validation to get to those options.

2024 is in the green drop down but I am still not seeing any numbers. thanks

Hmm, and everything was working as intended in 2023?

yes, had no issues with 2023 budgets

so the gray area has a formula that I can’t seem to update. I just found this on the spreadsheet.

Yeh only the green should have to be updated on that and typically most sheets in the community as well, but sometimes problems can arise and troubleshooting will take you there.

That particular part of the sheet is only getting the beginning of your transactions that could possibly be budgeted for.

Please confirm that cell K15 is 1/1/2024:

Then, investigate the Budget columns X:AA for anything broken:

Does the cell AA16 formula look like this?

FWIW, my Jan 2024 - Dec 2024 columns are R-AC (as opposed to your Q-AB):

Mark - thank you - so my budget columns are Z-AD. Column AC is showing no numbers. The formula is a little different than yours.

However, my budget period is set to 1.1.2024 in K16

Oh, you’re using Excel. My main usage is with Google Sheets.

However, I have played with Excel a little and have an Excel spreadsheet linked to Tiller.

So, first thing I’m wondering about is did you follow the Excel multi-year instructions and copy/paste the 2024 month header row into your Categories sheet?

I believe that header row has special formatting that is required for other sheets to work properly.

And here is my Excel Monthly Budget AC16 cell for reference:

Notice the two commas in the INDEX(Categories,,MATCH portion of the formula that’s appear to missing your formula.

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I checked everything but couldn’t get it to work, i just started a new spreadsheet just for 2024 and that works. thank you for your help.

It sounds like your Monthly Budget worksheet got damaged somehow, @NK23. I’m sorry to hear you had to start over… but our dev team is getting pretty close on tooling in Excel to update and restore templates. More soon.