New: Excel Labs, with Generative AI Function Directly in Your Workbooks

Originally published at: New: Excel Labs, With Generative AI Function Directly In Your Workbooks - Tiller

Excel Labs is a new add-in that includes the LABS.GENERATIVEAI function, which sends prompts from Excel to a generative AI mode and returns the results to your worksheet.

Microsoft just announced Excel Labs, “an add-in that allows the Excel team to release experimental Excel features and gather customer feedback about them.”

The goal of Excel Labs is to explore, experiment, and gather feedback on features that might or might not evolve into fully supported features in Excel.

Biggest part of this announcement however is the new LABS.GENERATIVEAI function. It allows you to send prompts from the Excel grid to a generative AI model, and then return the results back to your worksheet.

Can’t wait to play around with this!

Has anyone tried this? Trying to figure out what’s possible and what problem this can resolve