New Google Account

I’m currently using Tiller on Google sheets. I’m getting a new Google account for reasons not associated with Tiller. How do I transfer my Tiller stuff from the old account to the new one?

According to this help article, you basically have to cancel your current subscription and re-start a new one.

How can I use a different email account for Tiller access

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That’s what I was told too.

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Many systems allow for a change in Email when used as the User ID and handle the change in the backend system components ( account mgmt, security, billing, etc…). I’m just curious if Tiller might allow for this type of change in the future?. I know it’s not a simple or a high priority change to make. And it probably doesn’t get requested very often. Perhaps a manual workflow to support the change?

As I am sure you are all aware; Email address use to be the “sticky” function that keep users from changing ISP’s. Nowadays, people have the need to change their Email address being used for account management for a variety of reasons. I have had to do it a few times. I haven’t had to cancel an account and start over. I’ve had a few systems keep my original email as the logon ID and use my new email as my Account key. I’m just curious if it is within Tiller control to work around it should the need increase?

This is definitely in our control, it’s just not something we’ve prioritized to allow right now. I’d recommend searching for or adding a feature request for this:

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This is similar to my desire to have a less clunky way to share Tiller with my husband. Right now, I’m the subscriber and we share the spreadsheets, but I’m the only one who can refresh the sheets, or use any of the tools like Autocat or Split Transaction. The advice Tiller gives (How to Set Up Tiller When You Share Expenses | Tiller Help Center) is to create a new Google account that we can both log into, cancel my subscription, and subscribe using the shared account). It would be much cleaner to have the ability to grant shared access to the Tiller account.