New user sign-up questions re: SSO, daily emails

I have some new user questions:

It appears that my only options for signing up are to use Google or Microsoft 365 SSO, is that correct?

If I sign up with one of these methods, is it possible to have the daily summary emails sent to my preferred email address? (I have a Google account, but I don’t use Gmail for anything.)

If I’m unsure whether I want to use Excel, Google Sheets, or both, does it matter which SSO option I choose?

If I sign up with my Google Account, can I later link my Microsoft 365 account?


Welcome @jim.correia :wave:

Yes that is correct!

There isn’t a way to change the email address the daily email is sent to, it will always be sent to the email address associated with your Tiller subscription, which is tied to that sign in option you choose.

No it doesn’t matter which authentication provider you use. You can try both platforms no matter which auth option you choose.

We currently don’t have this feature right now.

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