Optum Bank preventing aggregators to display info on their platform

I received an email from Optum Bank stating that they are preventing aggregators to display info. Is there a work around for this on Tiller? I totally understand that this is not Tiller’s fault but was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue?


Got the same email.

Potential workaround: determine if your 401k provider is potentially linked back to Optum. In some cases, companies will link their 401k administrator to separate HSA provider on the backend and you can still get your HSA information from your 401k provider because of that backdoor integration. In other words, your Optum balance and data is carried on both platforms.

(I’m assuming you are using Optum for HSA.)

Hi. Yes, Optum for HSA. 401k is through Fidelity and I don’t think they are linked.

Optum says this is a policy change to require MFA directly on their website and will no longer allow aggregators access to our data, so this won’t be temporary.

For many of us, I think the workaround is to download a CSV from Optum and import it to Tiller. Tiller doesn’t currently have an Optum selection for column mapping in the Community Solutions Extension. I’ll enter a Feature request for that. Randy has a workflow for a Basic Bank Importer. Here’s a Tiller resource article on importing a CSV if you choose that route. There’s no way to export/import account balances that I am aware of, so I’ll switch Optum to a manual account and update balances monthly. (what a pain, Optum!)

I rolled over my Optum HSA to another administrator (Lively) and found it to be surprisingly easy. I was able to do it without filling out paper forms. I don’t work for Lively. The combination of fees and inability to automatically import into Tiller proved too much.

@sueroberts09 , @brettanicus which connection in Tiller do you have this under ? Optum Bank/ Optum Financial?

Optum Bank, where I have an HSA Checking and HSA Investments account.

I have Optum Bank as well.