PayPal invoices are added to Tiller without them actually being paid

I noticed that when I send out a PayPal invoice, it automatically adds to my Tiller feed as income, even when the invoice isn’t paid. I do cash accounting, not accrual, and it’s throwing my actual numbers off. Any way to make sure unpaid invoices aren’t included in the automatic PayPal feed?

I don’t want to count my chickens before they’re hatched!

Does another transaction appear in the feed when the invoice is actually paid? If so, is there any difference in the “Full description” of the two transactions? If there is, you might be able to do something with the pre-mature invoice transactions. If not, then unfortunately you’d need to deal with PayPal and how they handle their feed.

good question. The Full Description is the same, but it’s just the name of the person who paid me - and this is a repeat client so there’s multiple transactions that match the full description.

also, the invoice transaction shows up as the full amount of the invoice, but when it’s paid, it shows up as another transaction with the full amount minus the paypal transaction fee. (i have to manually add another transaction to represent paypal fees.)

right now i’ve created a temporary category called Accounts Receivable for this, but i’m thinking since i check tiller pretty much every day that i just need to manually delete the invoice transaction when it comes in. i suppose that’s a simple enough solution - just not a great one.

Yea, agreed. It’s a PITA when the data feed isn’t what it should be. This reminds me of the Amazon CSV exports. Lots of problems, but specifically, when you start a ‘Subscribe and Save’, the CSV includes two transactions for the same amount: one for the actual first order you get, and the other represents the subscription, but with no differentiation in the description, so no way to automatically filter them.