Paypal Data in Tiller Money Feeds: Incorrect Dates

Hi - just refreshed data/transactions and noticed that many of the transactions have random dates in 2021. They all appear to be from Paypal. I think the transactions are valid, but somehow the date is wrong - they are all dated October '21 or November '21.


Same here on my wifes no balance PayPal account. I got one transaction from 1/1/2021 that is correct. Then a transaction dated 12/31/2021 that should have been from 12/31/2020. Finally, 5 random transactions all dated 11/22/2021.

Strange. The one day difference doesn’t totally surprise me, @jpfieber, since timezones are pretty fussy with scripts (e.g. dates can be processed in the script’s timezone instead of the user’s timezone)… but the other errors you and @stoddard.aaron mention are troubling.

I will pull in my Paypal transactions and see how it goes. If I can’t reproduce the problem, I’ll ask you for more info…

Just tried the workflow and I didn’t have any issues with the dates, @jpfieber & @stoddard.aaron.

The Paypal importer pulls in the Date column from the CSV. When you look at the raw CSV (e.g. in a text editor), do you see anything that would hint at issues with properly parsing it?

I just downloaded the csv and it looks normal.

So you are not seeing the date issue, @jpfieber?

I had the date issues on my Transactions sheet from the pull Tiller did from yodlee, but when I manually grab a csv from the PayPal site, the dates look fine in the raw csv file, so it doesn’t seem like it’s a PayPal issue (unless they already fixed it).

Same here - i’m just getting the data from the tiller money feed and not bothering with the CSV download.

I just updated my PayPal account, and a new transaction was pulled in, dated 11/25/21. Looking through PayPal, there is an identical transaction from 11/25/20 that had already been imported and has a Transaction ID.

@stoddard.aaron, @jpfieber please reach out to our team via the chat tool in the lower right corner of the Console at for help on this. It’s likely a data quality issue from our data provider that we’ll need to contact them to resolve.

@randy I think they’re referring to the live automated feeds not the CSV importer PayPal workflow.