What is going on with PayPal?

PayPal hasn’t synced in over a month. The tracking spreadsheet just keeps pushing the resolution date out. What is going on? Why is there no update? I have dozens of PayPal transactions per day and when this finally gets resolved I’m going to have hundreds if not thousands of transactions to deal with.

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No idea but I’ve also gotten errors when refreshing for last month. I logged into paypal so it’s something about the interface.

I have nothing of substance to add, just want to add my vote as a me-too. Getting a tad aggravated with the ongoing PayPal failure.
Would help to get a proper update on when the expected resolution will stop getting pushed out every week.

Yeah, frustrated here too.

Add me to the frustrated group. The ETA date keeps getting pushed out on the Outages sheet.

Ongoing frustration. I see we’re now into March for resolution, so it’ll be 2 months outage. I’m keeping mine up to data semi-manually, but that’s very labor intensive if you have a lot of transactions.

Tiller people if you’re listening - any better updates on this problem would be welcome. Thanks

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Me too. Very upset.

The vast majority of my purchases are made with Paypal, specifically their credit card. It was working when I signed up, then stopped working shortly after I paid for an entire year of Tiller. It’s been down pretty much ever since. And they keep moving back the “ETA” leading me to question… when will it ever be fixed? Should we leave Tiller?

We totally hear your frustration. Unfortunately we don’t have any more information about the ETA for the outage than what’s on the outage sheet.

We’re working to build integrations with additional aggregators to offer better coverage when an institution isn’t working well with our primary aggregator, Yodlee.

I don’t have an ETA on when that might be available broadly, but we do understand how frustrating these disconnections can be.

Because we don’t build the direct integration to any institution, and rely on a 3rd party to bring the data in, we’re totally at their mercy on the timing for the fix until we can offer a multi-aggregator solution, which is quite a ways out. Even then sometimes issues span multiple aggregators.

This is primarily because many aggregators still use screen scraping to pull the data from the institution and therefore any website layout, infrastructure, or security login requirement change can break the connection for any aggregator that uses screen scraping.

As more and more institutions move to API based connections, like “open banking,” the connections will become more reliable and stable. We know that PayPal is on the horizon to enable this type of connection, but we don’t have any information on the timeline.

Until the United States enforces some type of regulation to require financial institutions to use an open banking connection, the timeline for all institutions moving in that direction is likely decades, though we’ve seen that larger institutions have the resources to make this transition faster.

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FYI, I just tried refreshing PayPal in my console, and it worked. I did a fill on my Tiller Foundation Template and it pulled in all my missing PayPal transactions. Don’t know if it’s back permanently, or for everyone, but it worked for me today!

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Same here. Mine synced for the first time last night.

So jealous of those of you for whom it works. Mine still does not refresh, just “securely verifies” my login forever before eventually saying it cannot do so. And they keep delaying the resolution date, now March 13, was March 9 yesterday (and months ago, before that). I have a personal PayPal account with 2fa turned off.

@brianTiller have you tried enabling 2FA and seeing if the experience is any different? Sometimes if you don’t have 2FA turned on but the site expects it that can cause it to not work properly.

I also recommend these steps using an incognito browser session to see if that helps correct the issue. Sometimes these steps specifically will correct the issue vs just clicking the “refresh” button. Using incognito may also force it to present you with the 2FA options after you turn those on.

  1. Log in to your Console at https://my.tillerhq.com
  2. Scroll down to the Connected Account Summary
  3. Click Connection > Edit credentials
  4. Follow the prompts to re-enter your credentials and complete any multi-factor authentication requirements
  5. Wait for a successful connection in this window (indicated by your account balances appearing) then choose save & close

Yes, I had 2fa disabled when PayPal first stopped working with Tiller, then enabled it while PayPal was not working with Tiller to see if that made a difference, which it did not, then I disabled 2fa again, and it still does not work.

Multiple times per day since this issue first arose I have tried going to my.tillerhq.com and re-entering my credentials under Edit credentials, to no avail (I have not just been clicking Refresh). It did not prompt for any 2fa code when I had 2fa enabled (nor does it now, with it disabled).

I did not try an Incognito window previously, but did just try that now, with no effect. “We’re securely verifying your login…”

The eventual failure states “Technical Error” “We’re facing a technical issue. Please contact Company support team or try again later.”

On other occasions, it also states: “Unable to connect your PayPal account” “We’re experiencing trouble linking your account at this time. We recommend that you try again later. If the issue persists, reach out via chat at https://my.tillerhq.com

Just as I was about to lose all hope… today it worked :slight_smile: Thanks!


did you reenter credentials? Never mind, I just went and refreshed in Tiller console and it updated. woo hoo