New Login Notifications from PayPal

Is anyone getting frequent “new login” notifications from PayPal? I’ve gotten at least one per day starting 1-2 weeks ago. At first I assumed someone hacked the password (which was unique to PayPal), but the issue persisted even after changing to a new password. Tiller is the only automation I’ve got accessing PayPal on my behalf. The notifications all say the access was from a “Desktop Chrome Windows 10 NT 10.0” browser in the US (no specific state/region) but all the machines my wife & I use run either macOS or Linux.

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Yes, I get a notification every time Tiller refreshes my PayPal account details (which I need to do manually). Each notification lines up with my manual refreshes.

Those login attempts are handled by our data aggregator, Yodlee, @mikeburr.

I don’t use the Paypal feed but I do occasionally get login attempt notifications from other accounts and it takes a moment to realize they are from Yodlee. (I usually call the institution to make sure.)

@mikeburr, it is new behavior and we’ve learned from our technical account manager at Yodlee that PayPal needs to re-whitelist Yodlee in order to prevent the email notifications from coming when Yodlee is trying to refresh those accounts.


Thanks everyone for the information!

I assume they’re planning on doing that, @heather ? Thanks.

Yes, they’re working on it.

Heather, I know yall at Tiller have no control, but any idea on timeline fix? Thanks!