PayPal downloads

I have not gotten any downloads from my PayPal business account for the last 11 days. From Tiller console, I seem to connect ok. All credentials work. However, I get a return message about the account not being found. Everything was working ok until 11 or so days ago. Any idea what’s happening?

PayPal has been down for a couple of weeks as reported on the Institutional Alerts Dashboard. Looks like the new expected date for it to be fixed is February 12 (previously it had been February 2).

PayPal has been broken for a long time. It’s been 26 days for me. The estimated fix date keeps getting moved out, so I’d say Feb 12th is very tentative.

Anyone have any workarounds, many smaller transactions flow through PayPal for me, I’m missing it.

I typically will not connect Venmo or PayPal when helping people set up their Tiller accounts, because I’ve found them to be inconsistent. Instead I suggest not keeping a balance in either of those tools, and always pushing any money received straight to your bank account, so that you can see the income hitting your bank account, and then it will pull directly from a bank account or credit card when you are sending money.

Well, I’m in a bit of bind because I run 3 separate businesses through one PayPal business account. The businesses are close enough not to warrant separate PayPal accounts and if we look into doing so, it’s problematic because PayPal doesn’t like running separate PayPal accounts through a single bank account. I hope the fix on PayPal/Yodlee side of things gets done or I’ll end up having to do manual transactions. Not looking forward to that.

It’s coming up on 2 months now since PayPal stopped working. For some reason I can still sync my business account most of the time but my personal account won’t sync at all. It’s very frustrating as I sometimes have 20-30 transactions a day running through that account.

Also, don’t listen to advice that says to send money from PayPal to your bank account immediately. If you have a lot of transactions and you are constantly sending payments to/from your bank PayPal will eventually lock you out of your bank account. It’s happened to me many times. You are much better off keeping a balance at PayPal unless it gets so large that it is more than you need for normal transactions. Minimizing the number of transfers between PayPal and your bank is the key to not getting your account locked up.

PayPal has a PayPal credit card which gives 3% back on all PayPal purchases, 2% on the rest. A significant amount of my spending is on that card. Previously, within Tiller HQ, indeed I set all PayPal transactions other than from that card to not be pulled (because the cards can be connected independent from PayPal), but the problem is that the PayPal card remains, and it comprises a significant amount of my spending. When I signed up at Tiller (for a year of service) it worked, and there was no warning that it would suddenly stop working, with an always-pushed-back resolution ETA. Ultimately, if it does not get fixed, many of us are going to need to leave Tiller.

Sounds like Tiller can no longer reliably interface with PayPal and the prospects of solving it are slim and none. Sad. The suggestion above to simply rely on the transfers to the checking isn’t very good. Those daily transfers could include MANY individual transactions so category assignment to those total amounts transferred (as a daily transfer) from Pay Pal to checking is s HUGE manual task (i.e. getting the details from the PayPal activity and then manually parsing those bulk transfers to checking. AWFUL.

Frankly, not being able to reliably get individual transactions (for easy categorization of individual transactions) from PayPal into Tiller. decimates the Tiller’s value. Tell me this ain’t so.

For what it’s worth, I just tried connecting to my PayPal account on two of Tiller’s competitors–Empower and Copilot. Neither worked. I’m not sure which aggregator Empower uses (it looks like it may be Yodlee like Tiller), but Copilot uses Plaid. I mention this only to suggest that this may, unfortunately, be a PayPal issue. That still may be reason enough to jump ship on Tiller if PayPal is critical to you, but going to another platform may not solve the problem.

Re: PayPal. Could this be an issue between PayPal and the aggregator, perhaps contractual? Regardless, the work-around I am currently using is to create an ‘All Transactions’ download csv report from PayPal, which automatically includes transactions from the last report generated. I open the csv in Exel and edit it by removing all columns not needed in the Transactions worksheet, adding any empty columns to replace that I need but are missing from the Transactions worksheet, copy and paste and otherwise supplement the data with correct Categories, then copy the entire modified set of transactions into the Transactions worksheet. This takes a bit of time. However, it only needs to be done once or twice a month in my case. Furthermore, this process, or most of it, can be achieved automatically with a little programming effort by the Tiller team and offered to us as a temporary solution. Something to consider. We create the csv file in our PayPal account, feed it into the Tiller solution engine, then we go into Transactions and fluff things up.

I’ll let Tiller comment on the proposed solution. On the more general issue, I’ve never had great luck with PayPal and any aggregator. Even when it worked on Tiller, it required MFA at every sync and was slow as molasses. I’ve had the same experience on other platforms with other aggregators where PayPal only works intermittently and unreliably. I don’t think it’s a contractual issue. I think it’s a PayPal doesn’t play nice with aggregators issue. PayPal is the only entity that can fix that.

PayPal is not just an aggregator, they have their own credit card. There is no way to get the PayPal credit card’s transactions without linking PayPal.

I just signed up for a trial at Monarch, and was able to sync PayPal, as well as PayPal’s card’s transactions. Monarch uses Plaid for PayPal (not Yodlee).

It seems Tiller has limited compatibility because they seem to be unable or unwilling to use Plaid, only Yodlee.

No. PayPal (as well as the PayPal credit card) works fine on Monarch, which uses Plaid to sync the PayPal transactions.

PayPal works on Monarch, which uses Plaid to do so. It would seem the issue is primarily with Tiller, as they rigidly use Yodlee exclusively, and not Plaid.

Well, PayPal isn’t working on Copilot, which also uses Plaid. So, not sure what is going on. But, honestly, if you found a platform on which your accounts are working, then I’d consider switching. I settled on Tiller because my accounts all generally work (I don’t use PayPal very often), but I wouldn’t have stuck with it if they didn’t. That’s why I left the others.

After nosing around the PayPal API I believe that they (PayPal) may have changed it to only work with a business account. If so, then if yodlee use that API and don’t just do some screen scraping, they’ll be SOL, and so will we,
I’ve been using the download the CSV path, but that’s not completely automated.

This is definitely frustrating. I am a new Tiller user & PayPal has been now been down more than not since I joined. Are there any updates from Tiller on this?

PayPal just successfully refreshed for me. Hopefully, this issue is now resolved.

Yes! Just refreshed for me too. I am hopeful.

Read these posts and tried to pull PayPal data. No luck for me. The issue persists.