Tiller link to a PayPal account?

Spoiler Alert!. I’m new to Tiller .

I have a Tiller Google sheet linked to three Accounts at Wells Fargo – Checking, Savings, and a CD. Works great. No problem. It dutifully downloads transactions and balances in those three accounts. All data flows to the “Transactions” tab.

However, we also have a PayPal account which periodically sweeps its balance into our checking account. The transferred balance from PayPal can be from a variety of different types of “sales” Collected for us by PayPal. So the periodic sweep transfers is really composed of various different “income” sources. Thus, the PayPal sweeps to our Checking, lack the underlying detail of the actual PayPal transaction’s. Bummer.

Yes, I could parse those transfers. But… that’s a major pain to research all those PayPal income items and then parse (split) the sweep into checking to various income categories.

So, it begs two questions:
** Can my Tiller account also link to a PayPal account?**
** And if so, can it link to another Tab within the existing Google sheet.**

That additional tab, probably named something like “Details of PayPal’s Receipts-Disbursements” and it would provide an easy way to capture the details of our various PayPal income.

Or is there some other neat way to capture PayPal’s detailed income stream? A very old (2020-2021) Community thread suggest a solution is to create a .CSV file While in PayPal and then import it into Tiller. .

Maybe things have chanced since then. Putting aside that this appears to be a very complicated “Matching” trick, apparently it be done (i.e import a PayPal .csv file). That, is, of course, a manual process. It doesn’t automate (i.e. “Refresh and Fill”) to capture transactions from PayPal. You have to first create a PayPal .csv file and then import it. Seems primitive.

Isn’t Tiller supposed to automate capturing transactions? It works fine for capturing transactions of my three Wells accounts. Why not something similar to capture PayPal trans? And preferably place them in the same Google Workbook, albeit in a separate tab.

Help is appreciated.

Hello. I am not a google sheets person, but I’m pretty sure this will be the same as Excel. You can import Paypal transactions the same way as other institutions. They go to the prime transactions table. Some of the detail from PP will be shown, and transfers from/to your checking will be categorized as transfers.
That said, right now the link to PayPal from Tiller is broken.

Thanks So much. Sounds like a plan. Have to investigate how set up a new “Linked account” but… that shouldn’t be too tough.
Then have to add to my my AutoCat rules, again something I can fiture out. all the get the transaction tab catatoriezed properly. Again, should be easy even for a newbie.

“That said, , link to PayPal from Tiller is broken.”

Well that’s a bummer. It is a temproarwy thing or an ongoing SNAFU? :grinning:

It’s relatively recent, but it’s been down for a couple of weeks now. It was working before that, but it was never the fastest connection and it seems to be one of those accounts that requires MFA on every connection. The Tiller Institutional Alerts Dashboard is estimating that it’ll be back up on February 2.

Well, I was able to set up teh new PayPal acocunt link and transaction are flowing. Maybe I just hit it lucky?

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By the way. What is a " MFA"
"one of those accounts that requires MFA on every connection.

Multifactor authentication. In the case of Paypal, it asks for a code from my authenticator app every time I refresh.

Oh. Duh. Should have known that! Sorry, just not as IT ackronym savvy as I should be.
Another rookie mistake. Bear with me.