Re-Add Account That Was Inadvertently Deleted

I inadvertently deleted a wrong account in the Account Summary page. How can I add it back and have it continue to show as the old account (not add a new account)? If that is not possible, what is the best work-around?


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hi @ltdonjohnson, welcome! :wave:

There isn’t a way to add the account back without it coming back as a brand new account.

You should be able to get it pull back in by clicking “Add accounts” under Account Summary and re-enter credentials as if you were adding the institution login for the first time. This should pull in deleted accounts, but once again it’s going to come in as a new account.

That will mean you’d end up with duplicate transactions and accounts if you re-link it to the same sheet. You can read more in the guide below about how to deal with those duplicates.

I was a little nervous doing the Balance History editing but all went well. Back on track!