Quick Insights Tab Showing Duplicate Accounts

I deleted and re-added an account to Tiller, and when I did, I got duplicates on the Transactions tab. I cleaned them up with the “Manage Duplicates” add-on, but now I’m seeing that the Quick Insights tab is also showing the duplicate accounts under “Top 10 Accounts by Activity” and “Balances of your three most active accounts.” I tried resetting the Insights sheet, but it’s still showing the duplicate accounts. I’m wary of just manually deleting the accounts because I don’t want to break anything (I’m definitely a newbie to spreadsheets). Advice?

Hi @caryupnorth that sounds like expected behavior if you delete/re-add accounts. I’d recommend reviewing this help article to remove the duplicated accounts. Essentially, you need to remove the duplicated instances from Balance History or merge them.

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The Repair Balance History fixed everything. Thank you!!