Deleted balance history manually, now cant get those balances to repopulate on google sheets

I had duplicate balance histories for the same account, I manually deleted from the balance history tab, and now can’t get a balance to pull when refreshing.

I can see the transactions, but can’t see the account in the accounts tab, or the balance history in the balance history tab.

Yea, I don’t think it checks that sheet to see if anything is missing. Your best bet is to use Google Sheets Version History in the File menu to go back to before you deleted them, then find a way to be more selective with what is deleted.

So I managed that, but am now not sure how to handle seeing two of the same account balance.

When comparing them, is the Account ID different? If so, I think you can disable one of them in the Tiller console ( Then you could filter the sheet to only show the account number you want to delete, select them all and delete, which would leave the other account number still there.

Here is the guide for how to manually clean up duplicated account instances in your sheet:

Thanks! This helped.

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