Reconnected PayPal account is grayed out in balances

My PayPal account recently reconnected. It shows a balance of $25.14 in my.tiller but is grayed out in Balances tab and still shows $0.

How to correct?

How recently did it reconnect, and have you filled since (i.e., has it been captured by an autofill or do you need to do it manually?) I’d check your balance history sheet to see when the latest balance is, which should tell you if you need to fill to get the updated balance.

Yup, that was the hint I needed. I’ve only been onboard w/ tiller since Jan and set everything to auto fill. All working good but Paypal which was out for 57 days before reconnecting today. Never occurred to me to hit the fill button. That fixed it.

Thanks for the clue!

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