RENTAL MANAGER - Why are my figures not pulling though?


I have four questions please:

1.How do I change the currency on all my sheets to South African Rand
2.When I make changes to my categories do I have to refresh my page?
3.How do I refresh my page?
4.Please can someone tell me why my figures are not pulling through to my rental manager?

Many Thanks

:wave: @gregharris239!

I should note first that we’re focused on USD so none of our templates have been built to support other currencies. You can try changing it but we can’t support fixing it if it doesn’t work. Here’s more on currency formats

As for these:

Which “page” are you talking about? The only sheets that aren’t dynamically updating are reports from Tiller Money Labs like the P&L, Category, and Category Rollup reports - those you would need to regenerate using the Labs add-on after making changes to your Categories.

Some older versions of templates (Envelope Budget via a separate Envelope Budget Add-on) may require you to do some recalculating after making changes to categories.

Which figures are not pulling through? Can you share more detail on this?

Hi Heather - Under the Money Labs RENTAL Manager the income and expenses are not automatically being pulled through

@gregharris239, can you try restoring the sheet using the Labs add-on?

If that doesn’t work, make sure you’ve categorized transactions on the Transactions sheet.

This did not work either it is now making me think the Tiller does not work !


Please check the date range on the Rental Manager. It might have a date range, like this month. If so, and you do not have transactions for this month, nothing will show up. Also, you might notice that categories show up but no numbers appear. This means the category is proper but it has no numbers for the date range you have selected.

Please please please reply back and let me know if this solved your issues.


Hi Blake,

Thank you for getting back to me…There are some figures pulling though thank you!

Can you please tell me how I can add some more expense lines?

Would you also know if it’s possible to have another tab where it can show my business expense separate from my personal expenses


  1. To add extra rows in the Rental Manager, just go to that area and add as many rows as needed.
  2. Basically, you can do this by using the appropriate categories and groups. Once that is done, then you can use various tabs to see what you are looking for.

Thanks for your reply.


Hi Blake,

Thank you for your answers but I still have a problem - My rental isn’t pulling through?

This was resolved after a 30 minute Zoom with Greg. Among other things, I met a nice guy in a time zone 10 hours ahead of mine. Cheers.


Hi Blake - Thank you for your help you were very helpful :slight_smile:

@Blake thanks for your help here!! Any insights on what went wrong? Was it user error and confusing documentation or a bug? Just so others might not run into the same issue.