Request to add a Bank

Please add Western Alliance Bank to the list of Banks. I don’t see it in the add accounts list of accounts in Tiller money feeds. My mortgage was just transferred to Western Alliance Bank.
Also, how do I add additional accounts with in the same institution?

I believe the request for specific institutions is relegated to the data provider Yodlee,

As far as multiple accounts goes, are you in excel or google sheets?

I’m more familiar with google sheets and it is in the extension menu under the bank connections section where you select each account and it will load into the specific sheet, you may also deselect accounts if you dont want them to load into that particular sheet if you have multiple.

@bentyre1 I’m in google sheets. How do I connect with Yodlee to get connected to my mortgage bank?

You don’t really connect with them they’re just the data provider that tiller uses. The feature request is another category here in the community that you could list that back under that would allow the Tiller team to realize the need for additional banks.

Were you able to find the spot to add the additional accounts at the same institution? Also are they under the same login? If not you’ll need to add the second login as needed.

I do see on my end that we support an institution Western Alliance Bancorporation with the URL for logging in:

If you can log in at that URL, you should be able to add it. Reach out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at if you are seeing an error when trying to add it.

If that isn’t the URL you use to log in - then it isn’t the institution you’re looking for and it’s not supported, you can add the institution to our unsupported list here: Unsupported Institution or Account Types

Mainly, this list just helps us catalog which institutions and account types are not being supported. Completing the form does not indicate that you’ll receive updates about the supported status of the institution. Our data provider builds support for new sites based on the size of the customer base at the institution and the number of requests they get for support from their other customers. Currently we do not submit site development requests for customers. Sorry for any inconvenience.


@morgan Western Alliance Bankcorporation is different from WAB. I’ve added the institution to the unsupported institution list. At this point, I will add the data manually correct?

Bummer. Thanks for checking. Yep you can track it manually. Feel free to reach out if you need any help with the manual input/tracking!