Savings Budget dropdown not offering new month

See Thread above your response :point_up_2:, they probably passed each other on the interwebs

No, it stops at July 2023( column Q)
The funny thing is the monthly budget ( which i don’t use) has available all the months on that drop down.

Agreed, that sheet is built differently. You need to add the additional months to the right of the July and the drop down will be populated

I saw your pic of the category sheet. My category sheet stops at July2023.

AHH…FINALLY! Praise the LORD! After over a month of not being able to use my budget I have the drop down working!! I inserted two columns to the right of July2023 and now the dropdown is there and I can get my August Budget up and running. THANK YOU SO MUCH for hanging in there with me!! I knew there had to be a simple way of getting more months to show. One more question-- how do you hid the cells to the right of my savings budget? I really don’t want to be looking at it all the time.

Yes, you have to add more months manually. here are some instructions from Tiller.

Multi-year Budgeting in the Tiller Foundation Template | Tiller Help Center (

Just highlight the columns you want to hide and right-click and say Hide Columns

Thanks again for all your help!

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Glad to hear your budget is back up and running, @macata75.

And thanks for running this to ground, @richl! :trophy: