Savings Budget dropdown not offering new month

I have been enjoying the new Savings Budget . I have a problem that the month of August will not drop down on my Savings Budget . The monthly Budget dropdown worked fine. I have searched the community, but didn’t find anything about this. Does anyone know how I can get this corrected? Please give directions in simple terms because I don’t know my way around Tiller that much. Thanks.

I’m not sure what you mean by it “will not drop down”… is August not listed in the dropdown? Or is the dropdown not functional? Can you see the arrow next to the dropdown control?

August is not listed in the drop down menu on my Savings budget sheet…
But on the monthly budget I have all the months on the dropdown.
Now the dropdown is not even working and it has a red triangle in the right top corner and says invalid, but I have not tried to put any thing in that cell.
I don’t see an arrow , but there is an edit button usually on the bottom on the drop down .
I deleted " July " in the box and now everything is blank and I have no months available. It also has erased the sort by box “Savings”.
Yikes- it’s getting worse.

Now my whole Savings budget is missing.

If you haven’t done much categorizing in the interim, I’d recommend restoring you spreadsheet back to when it was in a good place. You can make changes again from there.

I was away yesterday so I was not able to try anything.
I now have no dropdown and my data has all disappeared. I don’t know how to go back and restore my spreadsheet since I have no months showing??
Are you saying I have to go back and start another Savings Budget? Then I will lose all my budget journal notes and have to start from scratch again. I’m sure my data is somewhere. I just don’t know enough to get it restored.

If you haven’t categorized a lot of data since the challenges began, you can go to File/Version History/See Version History and return your spreadsheet to the state before it broke.

Thank you , Randy! I now have restored my Savings budget sheet back to July 11 and I have only 23 transactions to categorize,
BUT my problem remains–the dropdown does not offer August so I cannot go forward. In the past the month shows up on the dropdown menu when it becomes that month. ( but on the monthly budget sheet- which I don’t use much- the dropdown offers every month of the year.)
How can I get August to show on my Savings budget sheet?

5 days ago I wrote to Randy stating I still have my original problem that I have no option of the month of August when I do the dropdown. Only January through July are available. I cannot go forward with my Savings budget without it. Do I have to start all over with another savings budget? It must have something to do with the formulas for the dropdown. The funny thing is that the monthly budget has all the months on the dropdown!
I don’t see anyone replying to my question in the Tiller community , except Randy.

Any more suggestions? I have been stalled for over a month. This Savings budget is the main reason I use Tiller, with the rollover feature.

I am sorry you’re not getting the answers. Why don’t you download the template again and copy the date dropdown from the template and paste into the dropdown cell on your sheet. I am assuming this is only issue with the current sheet But give it a shot and report back.

If that does not work, Go look at Cells BE50: BE61 to ensure the months are actually listed there.

I pushed the edit mark at the bottom of the dropdown
Data validation rules popped up on the right of my screen.
Under Criteria it said dropdown ( from a range).
Under that was
=‘Savings Budget’!$BE$50:$BE$61
Under that only January through July were listed.
How can I add the rest of the month ?

Look at the reply right above your last one. You will need to go to the cells ( unhide them) and make sure the e cells have the correct months listed

I’m sorry , but how do you find the cells? “e cells”? (If you haven’t guessed by now, I am not all that acquainted with Tiller or computers in general. Once I have something set up and working I don’t explore.)

I did find the cell that you pictured and it only shows January through July for the month dropdowns. How can I add the rest of the months?

I assume the other cells are empty? You can just type them in

Rich, I tried to change the selected active period from 7/1/2023 to 12/1/2023 in the References. But it didn’t add the months in the dropdown right below that in the Period dropdown.
Do i have to save or confirm the change to have it take effect?

No, in cell BE 50 through BE61

it needs to looks like this


Actually scrap that. The formula is looking pretty complicated. It is reading your Categories Sheet for Dates. Do you have an August 2023 Date listed in you CAtegories Sheet on the first Row

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Thank you for answering my simple questions. I see what it should look like. January is listed at the bottom and July is at the top on mine. When I put my cursor over July I think it erases July and I don’t want that. How do I get it to insert more months? And what should the selected active period be? As I said before, when I changed it from 7/1/2023 to 12/1/2023 it made some changes so I had to go back and restore my data like Randy said to.