Script is blank in Monthly Bill Reminders template

I followed the instructions to copy the Monthly Bill Reminders template to my Tiller spreadsheet. I then followed the instructions to open the Script Editor. However, when I open it, no script exists. (See attached.)

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @davidmark ,
I just gave it a try and the script was there.

Are you downloading the sheet from this article?

I tested it using the link in the Creating Your Reminders Sheet step 1.

There is another Bill Payment Tracker by Tiller Money Labs that does not include a script but also doesn’t send emails. Details here:

Only the first one uses a script.

Could that be the issue?


Thanks Jon. I am using the link you referenced in the first article. I just tried again and the script is still blank. Maybe I’m doing something wrong? I open the link. I click on the arrow on the Reminders tab and select “copy to” (all other options are grayed out). I tried both the New and Existing spreadsheet options. I then click on Tools => Script Editor and there’s nothing there.

Hi @davidmark,
I think i’ve figured out why it is not working for you.

Clicking on the Reminders tab and “copy to” will not copy over the script.

You need to copy over the whole spreadsheet, not just the sheet, in order to be the script.

Review the directions in that first article.

Creating Your Reminders Sheet

  1. Open the Reminders sheet template here.
  2. Open the file menu.
  3. Click “make a copy.”
  4. Give it a title and choose where it should be stored on your Google Drive.
  5. Click OK.

Give that a try and see if you get the script.


Thanks @jono That worked!
A comment. I actually followed the instructions in the spreadsheet which say “Do not request access to this document. Instructions tab below.” In the instructions tab it says: “You don’t need edit access to the sheet. Right click the reminders tab and choose “Copy to” and paste in the URL of the target Google Sheet.” This doesn’t work and should be fixed. Although it may be something that one needs to do to move it into the Tiller Money sheet, it is incomplete in that it doesn’t tell you how to copy the script as well.

Just want to save others the hassle. :slight_smile:


Hi @davidmark ,
I’m glad you were able to get the script.

Thanks for letting us know about the confusing directions. I’ll try to get it sorted out. I’m not sure why those instructions are there.

If you copy the spreadsheet with the Reminders sheet and the script, you should be able to move them into your Tiller sheet. You would need to copy the sheet to your Tiller sheet, as you did earlier. But then you would also need to copy the script into the Script Editor manually. Just copying the sheet won’t copy in the Script.


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