Shortcut to Autoload Tiller Community Solutions Add-on?

I use several of the great add-ons provided by the community.
Every time I launch my tiller foundation, I need to go to the menu and “View document add-ons”.
Is there a preference/setting to have these automatically visible and available when I launch my tiller?
It would save tedious clicks every time I want to get started with my tiller session.

Hi @scott thanks for your patience here. We can’t change the functionality of Google sheets, so you do need to launch the add-ons in order to use them.

However, they should just appear under “Extensions” in your Google sheets, no need to click into Add-ons > View document add-ons. It’s possible you just need to wait a moment for your sheet to load before going into your Extensions menu. Does your extensions menu look like mine in the screenshot I’ve added?

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Yes, I’ll launch the Tiller Money Feeds from the extensions drop down…thanks
FYI, I like the new Tiller Money Feeds. Much cleaner and easier for a new person like me to navigate. Good decision.

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Are you talking about the new sidebar user interface that went out today, @scott?