Should I delete items in the Balances sheet when deleting old transactions

I am making a backup of my current spreadsheet which has data for 2021-2023.

I will then delete all of the transactions for 2021-2023, as I am doing some major changes in categories.

It is clear that transactions need to be deleted for 2021-2023, but I am wondering if I should also delete records in the Balance History tab? I have a little more than 10,000 rows in that tab, going back to 2021.

Should I delete all records there before 1/1/2024 as well?

I’m curious about this too for year-to-year purposes since I just started using Tiller; not sure how to deal with multiple years, though I DID set up my Categories tab for two years instead of just one (purely for MVA Vehicle Registration and DNR Boat Registration purposes).

I leave them but I do run the Trim Balance History tool in the Community Add-on. It cleans up the old records. I select monthly


Ooh. I did not know about Trim Balance History. Cool. Thanks, @richl.


I have from 2019 till present (over 13K transactions), my sheet still isn’t slowing down. It is obvious I dont need the data from back in the day, but occasionally it is helpful.

My suggestion, just keep the years and add new months on the Category sheet and hide the old months.

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