Showing Running Balance on top of sheet

I’ve been using the Statement and Statement Details sheets for quite some time and I really find it useful. One thing that is missing from the sheet, is when viewing unreconciled transactions, I need to scroll all the way down to find my running balance. I figured there ought to be a way to put that on the top and I discovered this formula and modified it for this sheet. I am sure there is a cleaner way to do it, but this way allows numbers and text to be in the column.

I am replacing A8 and B8 with this formula, and H24 should have a TRUE or FALSE already, if it’s in a different cell, simply replace:
A8: =IF(H24,"Ending Balance","Running Balance")
B8: =IFNA(IF(H24,VLOOKUP(B4,{INDIRECT(I3),INDIRECT(I8)},2,FALSE),INDEX(E:E,Max(MATCH("zzz",E:E),Match(143^143,E:E)))),IFERROR(1/0))

Nice added functionality. Might as well make use of the otherwise blank space!

Nice!!! I may try something similar.