Sign In bug in Google Sheets?

Getting this in the Console when I click Sign in.

userCodeAppPanel:1 Uncaught ReferenceError: openLogin is not defined
at HTMLInputElement.onclick (userCodeAppPanel:1:54972)
onclick @ userCodeAppPanel:1

Hi Bradley,

Are you referring to the side panel that opens when you are in your actual Google worksheet or to the “Login” button on the upper right of the “” web page?

I’ve tried both ways this morning on mine and they are each working correctly, so it doesn’t seem to be a system wide error.

The error says that it can’t find the “openLogin” function in the HTML code or in the JavaScript loaded before the function is called, depending on which login route you are using (i.e., the web page route or the side panel route).

When was the last time you successfully logged in?