Simple Bank is Closing - Here Are 45+ Alternatives Ranked in a Free Spreadsheet

Originally published at: Here are 45+ Simple Bank Alternatives in a Free Spreadsheet

Sadly, Simple bank is closing. Here are the 45+ best alternatives for online checking and debit accounts ranked in a free spreadsheet.


If you’re using it solely for savings, and don’t need checks or easy access, I’d go for Yotta. I am currently earning far more than the .2% it says on the sheet. As of now, I’m over 1% due to winning some money in their weekly raffle.

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I’ve also been with Simple since beta but had been seriously considering leaving recently. The innovation had all but stopped and when they did release new features, they were always “almost good” but with some stupid flaw that made them not really that useful in reality. With support also going down the can lately and Tiller taking over what I really loved Simple for in the first place, the end was probably near for me regardless.

Man I wish betterment would come out with a joint checking account already.

The offering from is pretty interesting. I think I’m going to go with something a little more traditional for now though. Tiller has taken care of most of my “extra” needs that I’d get from a fintech

Does anyone know which of these banks offer Allpoint ATM networks with deposit?