Single file or multiple files?

With the new templates posted as part of the challenge, I find a number them interesting and want to try them out. However each one needs to be linked to my accounts to get my account data. What is the recommended best practice here - Should I try to link each spreadsheet to the tiller money feed? Or can I keep just one spreadsheet that is linked and maintain other spreadsheet as separate files?

Both approaches has pros and cons:
One master sheet: Copying template sheets from other files into my One Master tiller powered sheet sometimes is difficult due to references between sheets
Multiple sheets: I think it is redundant to have tiller money feeds updated in multiple files and updating Categories and AutoCat setting in each.

I am leaning towards keeping multiple spreadsheet files - if I can automatically copy the transactions and Balances sheets from my Master Sheet to the other spreadsheet files. How do I do that?

This might be helpful. Blake


@Blake shared our recommended workflows. The only thing I might add is that you can use the Migration Helper in the Tiller Labs add-on to get categorized transactions and categories from one sheet to another more seamlessly.

Thank you @Blake and @heather I have started the process of copying the sheets I like from the other spreadsheets to mine.

I noticed that the Balance History sheet in my file (based on the Foundation Template) does not have an Index column. The utility to “Trim Balance History” complains that it needs the index column. Looking at another sheet I see that index is a fixed integer value for each account. Can I manually create the index column? Or is there a different version of the “Trim Balance History” tool?